Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Fun!

Mike and I have Elise this weekend! We picked her up this morning around 11:30 and went by my mothers house. We had to go over a few wedding details and pick up Harley and Evan to go to a birthday party for Elises' little friend Dee-Dee (Danielle).

Above is a photo of Elise and her new Pony Land toy. She was pouting because she was ready to play!!! Below is Harley and Evan, on our way to the Birthday Party!

Dee-Dee's Birthday Party was held at the Fun Max Jump-in! Here are a few pictures of them playing!

Elise and another one of the little kids bumped each other while jumping and she got hurt, but after comforting her for a minute she was ready to play some more and decided to move on to the little playhouse. Once she was there, there was no gettin her out! We'll have to look into getting her one for Christmas!

Below are some photos of Elise and Harley in the Playhouse.

The girls wanted me to join them in the playhouse! That was tricky! Below are a couple pictures with them.

We then moved on to Pizza, Birthday cupcakes and presents!

Everyone helped the birthday girl blow out her candles.

They really enjoyed their cupcakes.
And had a great time at the birthday party!

After the birthday party, we came home and played with Elises new Pony Land toys, and then we played dress up!
It was sprinkling here a little bit, but once it stopped, the kids and I took Lily for a walk. Elise rode her bike and we went to the park to swing for a little while. Its been a pretty fun-filled, busy day. We always enjoy having the kids!
The girls have asked to watch The Little Mermaid, so ill be going now. Time to start the movie and color!

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