Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Pregnancy

As of tomorrow I will be 21 weeks! As most have told me before, this trimester has definitely gone much smoother than the first. Although, thankfully I didn't really have much morning sickness the first trimester. I was always nauseous and had to go to the neurologist for horrible migraine headaches but only threw up a couple times. I had to go on Monday for some test to check my blood sugar, and see if I am anemic or have gestational diabetes. Just the normal tests.

For the most part, I have really enjoyed being pregnant, but I will say that I cant wait for our baby girl to be here! Our beautiful little Ava Renee! I'm so excited!

Here are a few pictures of my belly so far:

12 weeks

17 weeks

17 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks

I'm starting to really get a little belly now! I started looking online at bedding, trying to decide what theme I want to have in Ava's room. I really would like to collect Precious Moments, but I'm not sure that's what I wanna go with. I found a few really cute ones at Babies 'R I am still looking around to see what else I come across.

I think this one is my favorite:

I was kind of thinking of something a little 'softer' than this... you know, not so bright... But then again, I'm not sure I want something with a lot of pink in it seeing as she will be loaded up with pink stuff at the baby shower.. So I decided that the purple butterfly's was my favorite so far.

Here are my other choices so far...

Mike and I have already picked out the furniture for her room. Its gonna be cherry wood. Melanie, Mikes mother, told us that she is going to buy the baby's furniture which really helps us out a lot. His mom is such a sweetheart. Gosh, I cant wait!!! :)

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