Monday, October 22, 2007

Just an Update

I realized that it had been some time since I last wrote a blog post. I guess I just haven't quite had the time.

The wedding was wonderful! Everyone did an awesome job pulling together and getting everything organized and decorated. It was so beautiful! I'd say we had about 75 people show, which is good. It was nice to see everybody there!

I got up a little before 8 the day of the wedding.. and had to clean up after the drunks from the bachlorette party, Lol. Then we had to make sure that I had everything on the list of things to NOT forget; all piled up in my car and headed to the salon to get mine and Heathers hair done. By the time we finally made it to the hotel to finish getting ready and to do Amber and Jessica's hair and make up, I was really stressing! Thanks god Heathers friend Jessica was there to do the girls hair! She did an awesome job too!

Turns out we actually made it to Mikes dads house at 4:30.. exactly when I was supposed to be there. Of course, once I made it into my room I wasn't feeling so hot! I sat down, the room started spinning, my hands were shaking and I felt really weak. I realized it was probably due to the fact that I hadn't eaten. Someone brought me a sandwich and a sprite, and I was alright after that.

As I said before, the wedding was beautiful! Everyone looked so good! The DJ did an awesome job! Everyone really had a great time. So many people told us what a fun wedding it was to attend! That made me really happy to hear. When Mike and I left the wedding to head to the hotel, he had a horse and carriage awaiting us! It was so beautiful, and I was so surprised. The carriage took us all the way to the hotel, and we relaxed and ordered room service. I was very pleased at how well everything went!

Things have been a little tight around here, as far as money goes. But we are slowly but surely getting caught up. I got a job at Gourmet Express, as a waitress, to help out on our bills. My brother is my manager, so that's cool. I will say, that its rough running around waiting tables all night, especially when we are busy. I'm going up to Kroger tomorrow morning to see about getting my job back with them. I think it'll be a little easier on me.

Mike and I had Elise and Tyler this weekend. I picked up my little sister Harley, as I do every other weekend when we have Elise. They enjoy hanging out together! =) We all made some Halloween cupcakes and then Mike and I took them to the Halloween carnival at the school. The kids had a really good time. We could tell that Elise wasn't feeling too well this weekend though; We woke up Saturday morning and she had thrown up in her bed. Poor baby. Melanie has kept us updated and says that Elise has stayed home from daycare with diarrhea., and she now is home sick as well! Michael has been in bed all day with the same thing! I got him some pepto bismal, Imodium, red Gatorade (at his request) and some chicken and stars soup. Everyone at my mothers house is sick as well, except for Evan and myself. I am praying that I don't get what everyone else has!

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