Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Pumpkins and Festival!

Mike and I have had Elise for 3 weekends in a row due to the wedding. So to our suprise, Melanie let us have Elise from 11-2 on Saturday this weekend so that we could take her to the fall festival here in the neighborhood. (thanks Melanie!) But first, we took Elise to Krogers to pick out a pumpkin to carve. We got 2 of them, one fairly small one for her, and a bigger one for the family pumpkin :) I also got her a winnie-the-poo halloween balloon and a halloween ball!

We had a good time carving our pumpkins. Here are a few pictures.

We were able to capture a few photos of Elises face after touching the slime in the pumpkin. As you can see above, she didnt like it too much, and insisted on using the scrapper to get the seeds out. Mike got a really cute picture of Elise and I. And here are a few shots of Elise helping.

Daddy carved our first pumpkin for us, while Elise and I started on our second one.

The picture above of Elise and I turned out pretty cute... as you can see she was a little too busy scrapping the pumpkin out, to look at the camera. :)

Below are a couple of pictures of our finished Pumpkins! Melanie had metioned that they may not be carving a pumpkin this year, so Mike and I decided to send Elises little pumpkin home with her.

We definately enjoyed carving our pumpkins together! After we finished, Elises little friends from next door, Madison and Morgan, came over to play with her for a little while. Elise really enjoys playing with them, but will sometimes get the "only-child syndrome" and doesnt want to play. But ive noticed she has gotten better about sharing with the other kids.

Here are a few pictures of the girls playing ball...

I love that last shot of Elise! She looks so darn cute! After playing for a bit, we were starting to run outta time before Elise had to be back home. We brought Madison and Megan with us to the fall festival they had here in the neighborhood. They had the blow-up jumping things, egg walk, bean bag toss, bobbing for apples, hay treasures, food candy and much more. Like I said before, we didnt have much time, but the kids still got to do a few things before we left, and were also giving candy bags!

I was also able to get a few photos of Elise at the festival.

Here is one of her doing the egg walk... She was smart and used both hands to hold her egg on the spoon!

I also got a picture of her doing the bean bag toss, and bobbing for apples.

She got one! I love this picture below of her. She was really happy about getting her apple!

Unfortunately, we will not have Elise on halloween night this year, but we really enjoyed taking her to the festivals and carving our pumpkins with her! I hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween! And before I go, here are a couple photos of Mike and I from this weekend :)

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