Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just Getting Started

I have been contemplating as to whether or not to start a blog, and decided, why not? I used to keep up with my blog on myspace but havent in a while. Im not even sure that anyone I know will be reading this or that anyone is interested, for that matter, but here it goes.

I guess I should start off telling you all a little about myself... I am currently a student at San Jac, taking my basics right now. I would like to be a LVN and then continue, finishing as a RN.
I have a wonderful Fiance, Michael, who I will be marrying on October 13th of this year. Only about 2 more weeks left! Planning our wedding has been very stressfull but is slowly coming together. My mother has been a big help as well as my dear family and friends!

Michael & I, Easter 2007

My Aunt Gretchen and I made the wedding invitations which took us almost 6 hours! But I was very pleased with the final results. Weekend before last, Mike and I also got our rings. =) They're beautiful. I had all my girls meet me at Davids Bridal as well, to be fitted for their dresses which were to be in on Oct 4th, but have come in early! My sister Heather, will be my Maid-of-Honor, and my sister Amber and friend Jessica will be my Bridesmaids. Chris will be Mikes best man, and Tanner and my brother, David will be his groomsmen. Elise is our flower girl, and My little brother Jared is our ring-bearer. I also have Elises dress which fits her perfectly, and she looks wonderful in it! And last, I got my dress! =) Its simple and beautiful! I cant wait! Mike and I have already looked into renting tables and chairs and etc., from One Stop Party Shop, and we have a DJ as well. My mother and I made a trip to Garden Ridge this morning to pick up things such as center-peices for the table, cake knife set, guest sign in book... etc. We also have an appointment at Jennys Bakery for 10am tomorrow morning to pick out the bride and grooms cakes. Theres still much more to do but everytime we accomplish at least one more thing, I feel a little less stressed... Now we just have to pray that it doesnt rain the day of our wedding seeing as it is being held at Mikes fathers house, outside, by the water. Eeek! Im really stressing about that!

Michael and I are also expecting a baby, with a due date set for March 17th! St Patty's Day! I am 4 months pregnant as of today! We have an ultrasound scheduled for the morning of October 12th (day before the wedding) to find out whether we are having a girl or a boy! =) I cant wait. I am hoping for a girl but for some reason have a feeling its a boy. Ill be happy with either and will love him of her all the same. I just hope for a healthy baby. Mike and I have already decided on Ava Renee if its a girl, but havent yet picked a name for a boy, although we have dicussed a few choices. This will be my first baby, and Mikes 3rd. He has a son, Tyler who is 12 and a little girl, Elise, who is 3. We get them both every other weekend and look forward to the time we have with them.

Well, I guess thats a pretty good start for now.
Im really excited about this whole 'blog' thing! =) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


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